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Sushri Braj Banchary Devi Ji

Didi Braj Banchary is a renowned spiritual teacher and one of the senior most disciples of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Lovingly known as “Didi Ji”, she was born in Uttar Pradesh, India, in a well-educated and spiritual family. Her father (Shri Mahabani Ji) was a close associate of Shri Maharaj Ji. Shri Maharaj Ji graced the Mahabani family with his personal association when he lived with them for over 15 years. Thus, Didi Ji had the great fortune of growing up in the close association of Shri Maharaj Ji, and her first lessons on life and spirituality came directly from Shri Maharaj Ji.

Didi Ji graduated from University with a dual Masters degree in Sanskrit and Music, after which she worked as a lecturer in a college for 2 years. But Shri Maharaj Ji had big plans for her. He had selected her to spread the ancient knowledge of the Eternal Truth the world over. Accepting her master’s will, Didi Ji spent several months learning the intricate mysteries of the Vedas and other scriptures directly from Shri Maharaj Ji. Having completed her spiritual education at the ashram, Didi Ji accepted the order of Sanyas at a young age of 22 years and became a religious preacher in the year 1974. Ever since Didi Ji has been spreading the gems of spiritual knowledge, bestowed upon her by her spiritual master to the world.

After preaching in India for over 8 years, by the will of her Guru, Didi Ji started her journey to the western world in 1982 to preach the Divine message in the West. Her international journey started from Sweden, moving to UK, USA and the West Indies, finally arriving in Toronto, Canada in August of 1982. Her audiences were so impressed by her discourses that they requested rather compelled Didi Ji to permanently stay in Canada, to guide them on their path of discovering their inner self and connecting to God.

Didi Ji is a gifted and effective speaker. Her discourses are full of insightful wisdom and are appreciated by people of all ages and beliefs. She explains intricate spiritual concepts in a very easy to understand manner and reconciles apparent contradictions contained in them. She even interweaves humor in her discourses that help maintain the listeners interest and also helps them retain the knowledge.

Braj Banchary Didi Ji can be contacted at ([email protected])

Sushri Rameshwari Devi Ji

Rameshwari Devi Ji was conferred the honour of being a preacher by her spiritual master, Jagadguruttam Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj in October, 2011. Rameshwari Didi Ji often conducts devotional lectures and keertans at Sadhana Mandir as well as other temples in the greater Toronto area. She preaches the philosophy of Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharm with great insight and profound knowledge, according to the divine teachings of her Guru. She spends many months every year travelling, while preaching, with utmost success in various cities of USA and India. Her eloquent style of speaking the philosophy, while reciting shlokas in Sanskrit, along with her melodious chanting as she sings keertans, forcibly attracts the hearts of listeners. In this way, Didi Ji continues to lovingly inspire individual souls from all walks of life on the path of devotion.

Rameshwari Devi Ji can be contacted at (shri.rameshwari.devi@gmail.com)