Free Distribution

JKP is actively involved in several philanthropic and humanitarian activities to improve the lives of the poor and underprivileged sections of society. In addition to providing monetary assistance and free food, JKP organizes several large-scale distribution programs to distribute daily use essential items to thousands of underprivileged individuals and families every year. Items provided include warm jackets, blankets, utensils, wall clocks, furniture, tricycles for the handicapped, bicycles etc.

JKP provides ration for the entire year to several shelters including shelters of widowed women, shelter for the blind, shelter for patients suffering from leprosy.

These humanitarian activities have helped make a positive difference to the lives of over 500,000 underprivileged and poor people.

Women Empowerment

To boost the self-confidence and morale of girls by enabling them to protect themselves against eve teasing, physical assaults and unsolicited advances from unscrupulous elements in the society, JKP organized a Special Self Defense Training Campaign “Meri Raksha, Mere Haath” meaning “My Safety is in My Hands”.

This training was completed by over 6000 girl students studying in the three JKP educational institutes and in 13 other schools in the nearby rural areas. During the training, the girls were taught special self-defense and commando techniques by celebrated martial art teacher and Yash Bharti Awardee, Abhishek Yadav.  Abhishek Yadav is also the founder of Abhi Self Protection institute and his techniques are based on various martial arts fighting styles and military combat training.

This training was recorded in the Limca Book of world records, as the largest of its kind for girls.

Supporting Government Programs

JKP regularly raises funds to contribute towards national relief programs which provide emergency aid to the victims of natural disasters and tragedies. Over the past 10 years, JKP has donated over Rs 5crores towards the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and other Relief Funds at times of national disasters.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Swattch Bharat Abhiyaan, JKP is also actively engaged in the construction of toilets in local schools and villages in many parts of Uttar Pradesh.