About Philosophy

At present, 11 religions are prevalent in the world – Hindu Vedic Dharma, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikh, Islam, Jew, Persian, Tao, Confucian, and Shinto. These religions prescribe different methods for attaining the ultimate goal of an individual soul. There are contradictions within a given religion itself. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, while giving due respect to all these religions, has reconciled the contradictory philosophies, and prescribed a common path acceptable to all, with such simplicity, clarity and perfection, that even the most profound spiritual wisdom can be easily understood by a common man.

There are 3 eternal entities:
⦁ Jeev i.e. the Individual soul,
⦁ Brahma i.e. God and
⦁ Maya i.e. the material manifestation.

These entities were never created and can never be destroyed. Jeev is a power of God and is also known as a part of God. Jeev and Brahma are sentient. Maya is insentient. God is the controller of both Jeev and Maya.

The nature of Material Happiness that we experience in our day to day lives, is that it is temporary and short lived.

The ultimate objective of life is to attain True Happiness. The Happiness that is ever lasting, ever increasing, ever new and that can never be overcome by sorrow. That happiness can only be attained by attaining God. God can only be attained by His grace. God’s grace can only be attained by surrendering our mind to a God realized saint and practicing devotion as per His instructions. By practicing constant, selfless, single minded devotion to God and Guru, the mind will become pure. Once the mind becomes completely pure, the Guru will make it Divine and grant true, ever-lasting happiness.

There is ONLY ONE God. He is known with different names such as God, Allah, Khuda, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Ahurmazd etc. Say for example, there is a man whose real name is Robert. He is lovingly known as Sonny by his mother, Daddy by his son, Buddy by his friend and Honey by his wife. He is not 4 different people, rather just one referred to differently by different people who interact with him.
Similarly, God is ONE and the same God is addressed differently by people from across different religions and nationalities.

It is common knowledge that whatever is Mine, cannot be Me. For e.g. we say My House, My Car, My Property etc. So, that means I am someone other than the house, car or property. I am the owner of these things. Similarly, we say, My Mind, My Eyes, My Ears, My Body etc. So, that means I am someone other than the mind, body, eyes and ears. That entity whose all this is, who is the master of the mind, body and intellect, to whom all this belongs is “ME”, the soul.

The soul is a Divine entity, that cannot be seen or felt but that is the one that gives life in this body. It is that entity to which this mind, body and intellect belong. Soul is also known as Jeev, Atma or Spirit and is conscious. It grants life to any entity that it resides in. Once the soul leaves the entity, the entity becomes lifeless. For e.g., when a child is conceived inside a mother’s womb, it does not have life. When the soul enters the body of the yet unborn child, it starts moving and kicking i.e. starts showing all signs of life. Similarly, when the soul leaves the body, the body becomes lifeless and we say, Robert died this morning at 4.00AM.

So, I am the Soul.

It is understood that every part belongs to its whole and has a natural affinity towards its whole. For example,
⦁ all rivers, being a part if the ocean, naturally flow towards the ocean.
⦁ all forms of fire, being a part of the Sun, naturally rise upwards towards the Sun.
⦁ all material objects, being a part of the earth, naturally fall towards the ground.
What is the common element in all this. The affinity of a part or a fraction to become one with its whole. Similarly, the Soul is a part of the super-soul and always strives to become one with the super-soul – God.

The purpose of my life is to know and attain the Super-soul.

The super-soul is known by different names such as God, Allah, Khuda, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Ahurmazd etc. The nature of the super-soul is Happiness. The Vedas say “Anando Brahmeiti Vijanaat”. God is Happiness, Happiness is God. God and Happiness are synonymous words.

Since, we are the soul and the soul is part of the super-soul, whose very nature is Happiness, we naturally desire happiness. We cannot help but desire Happiness. Being a part of happiness, desiring happiness is our nature and nature is one that cannot be changed.

We experience happiness in our daily lives, right from embracing our near and dear ones, by eating delicious food, on winning a lottery or getting a promotion at work. But after a while, that happiness disappears and we start experiencing sorrow or discomfort from the same object. For example, when we take the first helping of our favorite sweet we really enjoy it. Then we take a second helping and a third and so on. By the time we get to the 5th helping, all the happiness that we initially received from the sweet disappears and we start experiencing physical discomfort. We get discontented with this happiness and start looking for other things to make us happy.

Ever wondered why? What is the nature of this happiness that we experience daily?

This happiness is temporary, short lived and ultimately results in sorrow.

Is this the kind of happiness that we wish to achieve?

No, we wish to achieve TRUE Happiness. TRUE Happiness is one that is ever lasting, ever increasing, ever new and can never be overcome by sorrow.

Because we have been looking for it in the wrong direction. True Happiness is the nature of God and we have been looking for Happiness in this material world, in the pursuit of material objects, things and people. The world was created one day and it will dissolve one day. The nature of this world is temporary, so everything in this world is temporary. To achieve True happiness, we need to start looking towards the source of True happiness i.e. God.

By His Grace.

By constant practice of selfless devotion, per the instructions of a God realized saint, who we have accepted as our Guru, guide and master and focusing our mind on the Divine form of God, the mind will become pure. Our worldly attachments will slowly disappear and attachment to God will increase. Once the mind is completely purified, the Guru will make it Divine and grant us that permanent, ever-lasting, ever-increasing happiness. Thus, we will achieve the true objective of your life.